earth stone and water


Let earth stone and water help unlock the beauty and inspiration of your surroundings.
earth stone and water provides a complete range of services that all begin with your input. We pride ourselves in bringing together your ideas and needs with our inspiration and experience, to create a design and plan that will bring to life the perfect outdoor living space.

We will Design, both plan and implement your outdoor space, using Landscape to grow and nurture your living environment and Hardscape to move and build the features that define your surroundings. We will also continue to be there for Other Services to sustain and refresh your landscape in all four seasons.


earth stone and water creates customized landscape designs to meet our customers needs and budget. We take the time to learn what’s distinctive about your property and formulate a plan to bring its natural beauty right to your doorstep. From basic spruce-ups to complete estate renovations, our qualified team assesses your needs and helps you envision what your property can become.

In our more than 25 years of combined experience, we’ve tackled some unique challenges -- coaxing barren patches of earth to grow into vibrant gardens and dreamlike retreats. We’ve designed and installed everything from outdoor kitchens, children's gardens and play areas, to meditation gardens, historic landscapes, and bio diverse landscaping. We focus on the details but still see the big picture when determining the optimum arrangement of trees, gardens, shrubs, architectural structures, and other features that make your landscape both functional and beautiful. Let us show you that, with proper planning and professional expertise, landscape dreams do come true.


With a plan in place, earth stone and water sets in motion the work needed to ready your property for its newest living additions. Starting at the foundational level, we can do hydro-seeding, and install sod, topsoil, mulch, and irrigation and drainage systems. Next may be flower beds, vegetable and herb gardens, ornamental trees, flowering perennials, and shrubs, with a variety of shapes, textures, and the all-important splashes of color to brighten everyone’s day. And topping it all off are large trees for privacy and shade.

Water features, including ponds, fountains and waterfalls bring the calming sound of water, as well as the beauty of exotic plants and fish right into your yard. Our lighting design packages enhance any style of landscaping by showing off your home’s favorite features and increasing visibility with lighted walkways. The list of possibilities is almost endless. The important thing is making sure you’re satisfied that the landscape you envisioned has become a reality.


Achieving the perfect landscape involves blending the natural and built environments. A landscape that weaves together planted areas with appropriate hard material construction (or hardscaping) not only makes a striking contrast, it brings out the best of your property‘s value.

With hardscaping, your yard could be transformed with something as simple as granite edging or a custom wood fence. An eco-friendly arbor or pergola can highlight a special area. Perhaps there are interesting patterns inside your house which can be echoed outside by constructing stairs or walkways with pavers, traditional brick, or bluestone. A rock wall -- built with engineered-rock face, or the old-fashioned way, with real fieldstone -- creates a timeless border and adds charm to the garden. Even a plain old driveway can be given new life with an apron of brick or stone pavers. Every home is different, and these are just some of the ways earth stone and water uses hardscaping to frame the unique character of a property and expand the outdoor living area.

Other Services

You’ve invested in a landscape that perfectly complements your home. Now you want to keep it at its best and enjoy all four seasons trouble-free. In addition to our praise-winning landscape design services, earth stone and water also offers a variety of year-round maintenance services. Whether your landscape is new or old, designed by us or someone else, a little planning and attention can keep your investment looking great throughout the year.

We’re available for trimming, pruning and replacement of trees, perennials, and annuals. For optimum growth, we can provide bio-stimulants, organic stabilizers, and fertilization of your lawn and garden. We also offer maintenance and repair of irrigation systems, water features, and outdoor lighting. Major excavation or grading changes are no problem; earth stone and water has all of the heavy equipment and experience for the big jobs. And as the seasons change, we can be there to perform Spring and Fall clean-up, winterization, and snow removal.

Our Guarantee

We have several procedures in place to help projects run smoothly, so when you choose earth stone and water for your landscape needs, you can anticipate:

Open Communication

• Free estimates
• Same-day follow up
• Scheduled appointments

Quality In Design

• We love client's input and ideas
• We deliver masterful design with options
• We only use quality building supplies

Knowledge and Safety

• A commitment to safety
• We will obtain all building permits
• Fully licensed, bonded and insured work

Client Satisfaction

• Daily progress report
• Clean up at the end of the job
• Your satisfaction

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