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Do i need landscape lighting?
Landscape Lighting is installed for various reasons; the most prominent are:

1. Safety. Walkways, paths and steps can be dangerous at night and a few properly positioned lights can easily fix this issue.

2. Beauty. With nice lighting design, your landscapes can be enjoyed at night as much as they are in the daytime.

A perfect mix between functionality and elegance is the key to good landscape lighting and gives us the ability to bring out any mood or feature. By highlighting special features while paying attention to serviceability, you can create a dynamic landscape lighting design while reaching maximum usefulness. earth stone and water's typical low-voltage landscape lighting designs always take these ideas into the creative process of turning your outdoor living area into something as perfect at night as it is in the daylight.

Excerpts from Hadco

Philips Hadco offers the most comprehensive line of low voltage and line voltage landscape lighting fixtures. (5MB)
Why Landscape Lighting?
Once upon a time, outdoor activity was ruled by the sun. Nightfall chased people indoors ... keeping them there until dawn. Then the development of outdoor lighting technology began to expand horizons, giving people more freedom and safety to enjoy their outdoor environments after dark. Outdoor lighting has grown rapidly ever since, as emphasis on the environment and escalating crime rates have created more desire to light up the night. As a result, professionals have become increasingly skilled at “extending the day” with outdoor lighting design. Lighting landscapes adds elements of beauty, safety, and security ... in varying combinations, depending on users’ needs and desires. With today’s advancements in style and engineering, a well-designed nightscape literally makes two landscapes out of one.
Enhancing the Environment
In your lighting plan you may want to showcase a particularly attractive aspect of the client’s property. It may be an interesting piece of art that needs a spotlight, or a flower bed illuminated. Maybe it’s a pool or lily pond that deserves some added attention. Or you may just want to enhance the overall beauty of the property. Whatever aspect of the property you wish to bring to life, Philips Hadco accent lighting will help you beautify the environment.
Creating a Safe Surrounding
Features like steps, rocks and shrubs can become obstacles or even safety hazards after dark. Instead of relying on flashlights or blinding floodlights, your clients can install path and step lighting to ensure safe passage from point A to point B. In fact, any change in elevation (steps, edges of a deck or terrace, etc.) should be illuminated for safety.
Discouraging Intruders
A well-lit house is the most effective deterrent to potential burglars. However, the glaring floodlights of the past are not as protective as once thought. Because, while floodlights create pools of light, they also create pockets of shadow – often close to windows – where thieves can hide. Philips Hadco fixtures not only beautify the property, but also fill in those areas of darkness, tastefully directing illumination precisely where it’s needed most.

Excerpts from Hadco

Philips Hadco Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Catalog. (1MB)

Why Low Voltage?
To give the landscape lighting designer ultimate flexibility, Philips Hadco offers a full line of low-voltage systems which are safe, affordable, and easy to install. These systems – which can be installed in a matter of a few hours – reduce the 120-volt normal electrical line to a harmless and more economical 12-volt system. There is no risk of injury from electric shock with 12 volts. And, because the cable for these systems does not need to be buried deep underground, the process doesn’t entail a lot of tedious work. Junction boxes and other bulky hardware are not required. With the use of new, miniaturized lamp technology, low voltage fixtures are smaller than ever and easier to hide in the landscape.
What is the best light for you?
Trees. Statues. Pools. Walkways. What features make up your landscape project? Which elements in an environment should be highlighted, and which should be downplayed? The answers to those questions will determine the lighting fixtures and techniques you’ll ultimately use.
Accent Lighting
Lighting that focuses attention on a particular object or area. It commands the viewer to take note of a certain subject within the landscape. Examples of accent lighting are spotlighting a statue, pathlighting a walkway or highlighting a flower bed with spread lights.
Fill-In Lighting
Background lighting. It ties the overall landscape picture together, creating a comfortable transition from one accented area to another. Some examples may be backlighting a tree, washing a wall or fence, or flooding a row of evergreens with soft light.
More natural because we are accustomed to the light of the sun and moon. In fact, most of the lighting that occurs naturally in life is from above. Office lighting, warehouse lighting, sports lighting, and home lighting are all examples of downlighting techniques. Downlighting is also very efficient in that you get to use all the light.
Draw more attention and is often more dramatic. Therefore, it is used for accent lighting purposes more often than downlighting. Backlighting is used to silhouette a plant, tree, or structure. Many times the shape of a plant is more interesting than the detail. By gently lighting a wall or fence behind the plant, you identify the shape.

Excerpts from Kichler

The Premium Choice in Landscape Lighting™ Kichler Catalog. (3MB)
Higher End Landscape Lighting
Your vision. Your ideas. Kichler® technology. Together, there’s nothing we can’t do. From the latest, intelligent LED options to traditional incandescent choices, Kichler’s complete landscape collection delivers exactly what you need. Leading the way is our Design Pro LED series of fixtures for virtually every outdoor application, including decorative path and spread, low profile hardscape, water feature, deck and accent lighting. You’ll find our growing Design Pro LED line also offers the best of both form and function: every fixture is built to deliver beautiful, pure white natural lighting effects and is engineered for optimum all-weather performance. Of course, all Kichler fixtures offer installation-friendly features that add ease to the project without compromising performance.

Excerpts from Kichler

Design Pro LED - Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting like you’ve never seen it. Kichler LED Catalog. (3MB)

Guide and Gather Beneath the Beauty of LED.
Path … spread … accent … water … in ground … deck. You name the outdoor application, and you’ll discover a Kichler Design Pro LED product to match. You’ll not only find an extensive collection of sought-after LED choices, but you’ll also discover they deliver the benefits you and your clients demand. Our durable driver circuits provide a consistent output over a wider range (9-15V) and helps you control the “voltage drop” headache. You’ll also get pure, beautiful light that enhances a landscape like no other. It’s brightness, color rendering and energy efficiency done with precision. The places people gather most are a perfect match for Kichler Design Pro LED technology. The premium long-life of LED technology ensures that a great night under the stars is never without the right light, and steps and perimeters are always lit for safety. The pure, clean light also means that the fixtures accent, yet never interfere with, the setting.
Superior Design Offerings
Compact LED chip creates sleek, stylized silhouettes that were never before possible True color rendering with cool operation.
Highly Energy Efficient
Offers long-term cost savings — 75% less energy used than traditional incandescent/ halogen low voltage lighting 40,000 hour life

Excerpts from Kim Lighting

Kim Lighting Landscape Lighting Collection Catalog. (6MB)
The Higher End Quality of Kim Lighting Is Manufactured In Many Quality Materials:
The design, manufacture and fi nishing of copper and bronze fixtures is a craft that dates back eight decades at Kim Lighting. Constructed of the ultimate materials for corrosion resistance, our brass, copper and bronze age naturally to blend in with the environment and are offered in a hand applied verde patina, or unfi nished to allow natural aging.
When brass, copper or bronze isn’t in the budget, Kim offers low copper aluminum alloy. Whether spun or extruded, only the most durable aluminum alloys are used in Kim landscape products. Extra heavy wall thickness is engineered into every component for increased strength, and each aluminum fixture receives a powder coat paint finish.
After years of research, Kim engineers developed a blend of materials to produce a superior composite perfect for an in-ground housing. As with all composite materials, exposure to UV radiation must be minimized. A solid cast bronze cover seals the unit and protects the composite material from UV degradation.
Kim’s acid etched verde green patina was developed by F. B. Nightingale over seven decades ago. The hand applied verde finish is an accelerated aging process duplicating the natural verde that forms on copper and bronze after years of exposure to sun and moisture. Like natural verde, Kim verde is not permanent and will undergo considerable change depending on location and environment. Verde can be worn away by rain, sprinklers, or surrounding wind-blown foliage. New verde will eventually form depending on humidity levels and the presence of airborne salts.

Natural, unfinished brass, copper, or bronze fixtures will rapidly age to a rich bronze color when exposed to humidity in the outdoor environment, and may develop areas of verde patina. Patina forms best when the fixture is exposed to high humidity, frequent wetting and drying, and airborne salts.

Aluminum fixtures receive a fade and abrasion resistant, electrostatically applied, thermally cured, triglycidalisocyanurate (TGIC) polyester powder coat finish. Standard colors include Black (BL), Dark Bronze (DB) and Verde Green (GR). Custom colors available upon request

Excerpts from Home Depot

Home Depot's Landscape Lighting Buyer's Planning Guide. (2MB)

Lower Priced Lighting from Home Depot
The latest trend uses professionally installed outdoor LED lighting to accentuate architectural features and landscaping at night. Homeowners can enjoy more time outside and create an elegant atmosphere for outdoor entertaining. Outdoor lighting for the home used to be simple, a few light fixtures from the local home improvement store placed around the home, and you thought you were done. Unfortunately, those fixtures rapidly deteriorated over time. Today, homeowners have seen the quality and the difference professionally installed, LED lighting can provide. Professional landscape lighting uses an array of special "Outdoor Lighting Techniques" that not only enhance the beauty of the outdoors at night but foster outdoor safety and security. Outdoor lighting gently shows your house, yard and garden areas with soft accent lighting to create warmth, atmosphere, ambiance and safety that you, your family and friends will enjoy all evening long. We will be happy to talk with you to find what is the best solution for your home.

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